Interview Study: Older Adults & Banking


This research project investigates how older adults deal with banking and finance tasks in Canada, how they use banking technologies, and what help they may get from family members or friends when completing banking tasks. We are now seeking participants to interview.

Recruitment Script

Investigators: Dr. Celine Latulipe ( and Murray Cumbers (

You are invited to participate in an interview about how you conduct your banking and finance tasks. The interview will last between 30-60 minutes and will be conducted via telephone. We will ask what types of banking and finance tasks you do. We will ask how you conduct your various banking tasks (in person banking, online banking, using the ATM, etc.). We will ask about if and how you get other people to help you with your banking tasks. Risks to participating in this study are no greater than in everyday life. The benefit to participation is that you get to contribute to knowledge on how banking technology can better support older adults (and the people who may help them) with their banking tasks.

Participation in this study is voluntary. We are looking for individuals who meet the following criteria:

  • You must be 65+ years of age and living in Canada
  • You must speak and read English
  • You must be willing to be audio recorded as part of the interview

If you are interested and meet the above criteria, please complete the Consent Form (below) and email or mail the form to the investigator specified in the form.

Upon receipt of the signed Consent Form we will contact you to arrange an interview time and date. During the interview you may withdraw at any time. A Tim Horton’s  gift card will be provided whether you complete the interview or not. Once the interview has been completed, subsequent withdrawal will not be permitted.

This research has been approved by the University of Manitoba Joint Faculty Research Ethics Board. If you have any concerns or complaints about this project you may contact any of the above-named persons or the Human Ethics Coordinator at 204-474-7122 or

To ask questions about this study, please email Dr. Celine Latulipe:

Consent Form

This study is now closed. You can download a copy of the Consent Form and email it or mail it to us. Click the link below:

Final Report

15 participants were interviewed. All participants interviewed self-reported a high level of independence. Findings indicated that older adults use a variety of banking mechanisms to complete tasks and get help from others only occasionally when needed. Participants were concerned with financial fraud and hackers getting access to their bank accounts. They reported high usage of automatic bill payments. Many of the participants had specified someone has power of attorney, but that PoA was not actively invoked or in use.