Former Students

This page features people who were formerly under my supervision.

Former Doctoral Advisees

Erin Cherry (née Carroll)
Erin completed her PhD in 2013, did a PostDoc at the University of Rochester, and is now a Senior Program Manager at Northrup Grumman.

Vikash Singh
Vikash Singh earned his PhD in 2015 and is now a Professor of Practice at Vanderbilt University.

Berto Gonzalez
Berto earned his PhD in 2015 and is now an Adjunct Professor at UNC Charlotte and Production Manager at Forest Hill Church.

Stephen MacNeil
Stephen MacNeil earned his PhD in 2019, did a PostDoc at UC San Diego and is now an Assistant Professor at Temple University.

Johanna Okerlund
Johanna earned her PhD in 2021 and is now a PostDoctoral fellow at the University of Michigan.

Former Undergraduate Students

I have mentored many undergraduate students through various research projects and independent studies. This list is very incomplete. If you think you should be represented below, please reach out.

Alex Adams
Alex worked with me on various research projects related to sound and audio mixing. He then went on to complete a PhD at Cornell.

Nathan Nifong
Nathan worked for me on the Dance.Draw project at UNC Charlotte, then completed a MSc at Portland State University and now works as a Google Engineer.

Brian Thompson
Brian worked as a TA and RA for me and helped develop a strong TA mentoring cycle at UNC Charlotte. He is now a Senior Software Engineer at AvidXchange in Charlotte, NC.