Interacting in the Gallery

Welcome! Thanks for visiting!

This is an interactive gallery. As you move your avatar around the space, you can see thumbnail images of the art work on the wall. As you approach a piece, you will see a small part of it at the bottom center of the screen. When that happens, it means that you are within interaction distance of the work. You can then press the ‘x’ key on your keyboard and it will give you a full-screen version of the artwork, in high resolution, so you can examine and enjoy the artwork fully. When you are done looking at the work, simply press ‘x’ again to close it and then you can wander on to look at a different piece.

If someone else is nearby, you can both look at the piece together and talk about it.

When an artwork is expanded there will be a (very) small menu at the right hand side (I highlighted it in red in the image above). There is a magnifying glass icon so that you can zoom in on the artwork to look at the details. You can also hover your mouse cursor over the info (i) icon and a little text box will slide in from the right, with information about the title of the piece, when it was created, and possibly information about the media used to create the piece.

There is one more icon here: it looks like a person in front of a screen. This is the ‘presenter’ button, and when you click on that it becomes highlighted. Then, you can click anywhere on the artwork and anyone else who is looking at the artwork at the same time will see where you clicked. Think of this as a virtual laser pointer.

As in other areas of, you can zoom in or out on the whole gallery, in the same way you zoom the size of the text in your web browser. Do this by pressing CMD -/= on a Mac or CTRL -/= on a PC.