Computer Scientists & Expert Witness Work

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This survey research project investigates Computer Science-related expert witness work. An expert witness is a person who, by education or experience, is deemed qualified by a judge to explain complicated scientific issues during a litigation. Computer Science-related work refers to legal cases where facts about a Computer Science concept or idea are the focus of the lawsuit, such as in software intellectual property cases. We are interested in the prevalence of this type of work, the factors influencing desire to pursue or accept this type of work, and how it may impact career advancement for computer scientists.

Recruitment Script

Faculty Investigators:

Dr. Celine Latulipe

Dr. Andrea Bunt

We are inviting you to participate in a study about expert witness work in Computer Science. We are interested in hearing from both people who have and have not engaged in expert witness work. This involves completing an online questionnaire about your experiences with expert witness work, and factors influencing decisions you have made relating to expert witness work. This will help us gain insight on the prevalence of expert witness work for Computer Science professionals and academics. It should take 5 to 15 minutes to complete.  All collected survey data will be anonymous; no identifying information will be collected.

To thank you for your participation, we will make a $5 donation to a legal defence fund in Canada or the US, for up to 100 surveys completed; at the end of the survey, you will be invited to select an organization from a list to support. No contact information will be collected during this, or any portion, of the survey.

This research has (not yet) been approved by the University of Manitoba Joint Faculty Research Ethics Board. If you have any concerns or complaints about this project you may contact any of the above-named persons or the Human Ethics Coordinator at 204-474-7122 or

To ask questions about this study, please email Dr. Celine Latulipe:


Survey Link

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Consent Form

You can download a copy of our Consent Form for your records. [LINK TO DOCUMENT WILL BE ADDED AFTER REB APPROVAL].

Final Report

Once the survey closes and analysis is complete, a summary report of the results of this research will be posted here.